I talk about stress, dealing with stress and briefly mention the color yellow.

I have not posted in a while so here I am.

It is currently nearing towards the end of the first half term of the school year and I have one word to summarize the past (almost) two weeks: stressful. I am utterly convinced half term is a time where your school sends you off school for a week or two only to give you twice the amount of work you would receive if you were at school. I barely had time to relax and when I did, it was relaxation with an undertone of guilt as I was not doing work.

At the start of this half term I had 7 books to read, 3 essays to do, the first draft of my English coursework to plan, write and type out, notes to make and a personal statement to redo. I had several meltdowns until I decided to get off my backside and actually do something about it. So with 3 days left of my holiday, I have 3 books left to read, one essay left to do and redo my personal statement. All in all, it is a manageable amount and I probably won’t finish all the books I need to read because they’re not incredibly important.

Instead of complaining about my work load, I could have made a blog post about how I manage stress but the thing is, I suspect my method of dealing with it is not exactly….orthodox. What I do is let it fester up in me for approximately 2 days all while I complain daily to some unfortunate soul who happened to be around me or on every social media platform I own. Then I have my breakdown stage where I literally cry and rant to either my mom, teacher or best friend. After that, I push through the stress and start working. I get mini breakdowns here and there but I push through. I don’t recommend this method. It stressful on top of being already stressed. I recommend a nice cup of tea but that can’t solve the stressful thing called life.

With that being said, I have generally been in a very good mental state. Constant breakdowns have become a routinely thing but I completely understand that it is nothing to do with my depression but to do with the education system that has been causing higher rates of mental health issues around the world (jks).

Yellow is also such a cute and happy color I love it. Read the picture I put for this post because its so adorable and positive and it gives me fuzzy feelings. I am kinda hyper right now and I’m suddenly about to ramble about pointless things so I’m going to stop here.

till next time,

Nicole xx

One thought on “I talk about stress, dealing with stress and briefly mention the color yellow.

  1. Yellow is super gd am I right ahaha, and damn right you deserve to feel loved. Such a difficult thought to hang on to when feeling like crap, but it’s always there even when we can’t see it. Any positive stories you have about mental health, I’d love to make a blog post about them and share them with my followers! Can be difficult to be brave, but if you fancy dropping me a line I’d be delighted to make a post. Big love X

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