Remembering the simple pleasures in life in order to be happy

As humans we are so busy. We are worried about a million things at the same time and we forget to enjoy ourselves.

Last year at school, I didn’t read a single book that wasn’t required outside of our academic syllabuses. Reading is something I love wholeheartedly and I didn’t do any of that during the past year. This was partly because of my depression in which one of the side effects is difficulty in focusing on tasks for long but partly because my mind was always so busy. It was ridiculous. I wouldn’t give myself time to enjoy things. I’m an introvert meaning I reenergize by being alone. Being around people too long drains me in many ways. Yet I forgot that. I spent almost every second of everyday being surrounded by people and during the weekends, I was so drained and stressed that reading was no longer an option. Except, it was always an option. One I forgot and neglected to take.

This summer I have read 34 book and counting. I realized I have forgotten this simple pleasure that brought me so much joy throughout my childhood years. Harry Potter ignited this love and it never stopped. Reading allowed me to go into the minds of other people albeit fictional characters but it allowed me to forget. It allowed me to forget about the stress and all the stuff happening in my own life and it allowed me to think of another world where faeries and shadowhunters and vampires existed. I’ve forgotten how much I loved Harry Potter. I only knew I loved it but I couldn’t remember why. 

Which takes me back to the point of this post. We as humans are so busy that sometimes we forget the simple things in life. So here I am reminding you. In this busy life, you are never too busy to take an hour or two for yourself. Whether its an hour of reading, a nap, watching your favorite TV or going to the gym, you always have time for yourself. You just need to make it. Remember the simple pleasures your wholeheartedly love and try to get back into it. Forget about all the pressure society place upon you. Forget about all the stress work or school inflicts on you and lay in your bed and be lazy. Everyone needs to be a little laziness to balance out all the stress you receive and that is leads to road of living happier and healthier.


till next time,

Nicole x


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