I am a Feminist.

Feminism: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes

I am a feminist. Most people who know me knows that I am a feminist. I believe that in identifying as a feminist and not being afraid to say it allows me to spread the word that this world needs feminism which is synonymous with gender equality.

There is a massive stigma surrounding the word ‘feminism’ where feminists are people who burn bras and hates men and wishes to be above men. So many people out there agree with the gender equality idea but god forbid call them a feminist. The reason why gender equality is called feminism is because there is a recognition that between males and females, females are the more oppressed of the two.

I believe that males should be able to cry and not be labelled as ‘weak’ or ‘not masculine’. I believe that males should not be afraid to come out as victims of abuse or rape because of the stupid idea that women are only victims of such crimes. I hate how men can’t do certain things because they are ‘girly’. I hate how if a heterosexual male wants to wear makeup that they would be instantly labelled as ‘gay’ and I hate how masculinity can be something so toxic to men.

However, I also believe that women should be able to wear whatever they like and not be called a ‘slut’. I believe that women should receive equal opportunities in the work force. I believe that women should be payed just as much as men. I hate how if a woman is dress in a manner deemed a ‘provocative’ that some people think they are ‘asking’ to be sexually abused. I hate how the media depict women in a certain type of way contributing to the expectation in society that all women should have a certain type of body, wear certain types of clothing and act in a certain manner.

Someone once asked me if only women should be allowed to be political leaders and I answered no. All I want is for people to judge things based on capability and experience when it comes to jobs but not based on their gender and the stereotypes that comes with it.

I am a feminist but that isn’t the only defining thing about myself. Not everything I do will be through a feminist aspect. I believe and support feminism and politically, socially and economically. However, I have found myself in situations where people would say a misogynistic comment jokingly around me in order to provoke a reaction. I give it to them because that is what is expect from me so I give them something such as a dirty look. However it isn’t genuine and frankly it feels quite dehumanizing. It feels like my beliefs are being mocked when it’s something so important to me and I feel like an animal who is being fed and is expected to do a trick.

I do not expect everyone to become feminists. We’re all autonomous beings, I just want the stigma around feminism gone. I don’t hate people who aren’t feminists and I don’t shove down people’s throats “be a feminist” because thats not fair. I just want to feminism to be viewed in a more positive light because it is so important. These are our rights and I am here to fight for them

“It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals. We should stop defining each other by what we are not and start defining ourselves by who we are.” -Emma Watson

Nicole xx

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