Thinking about the Future

So recently I’ve been on a trip to Tokyo with my parents, brother and maternal grandmother and I’m back with a little more than a week left until I go back to school which means one thing; time to do holiday prep. Just like any other person, I left my lists of prep to do till the last full week of my 5 week long Easter holiday. Typical. However after spending 2 solid days in my bed stressing over doing work while never actually picking up a pen, I finally got off my ass, went to the study room provided by the condo I live in and did work. I tend to go to the study room because I can’t study in places such as my bedroom where I’m surrounded by temptations to do any thing but study and since there isn’t a library within walking distance, the study room is the next best thing.

However, this post isn’t about my thrilling journey of finally completing an essay due a month ago. It’s about what working got me thinking about. It got me thinking of the purpose of me doing all this and I came to the conclusion that it is so I can get into a good university and further develop my studies and strangely the idea for me to go on to a place and study only English and widen my knowledge on this subject excites me. I realized I want to go to university. This was an epiphany because all my life I knew I was going to university but it was because its what society and family expects me to do. Its the norm for people to go to uni nowadays so I just always thought why not. It never occurred to me that there were right and wrong reasons to want to go to uni. I mean I did consider taking a gap year but I hate being bored and I get bored easily so a gap year would be a whole year of me laying on my bed wishing to be productive but isn’t so I ruled that out. It wasn’t until now I realize I do want to deepen my knowledge in a subject I love and I want to enter the perfect uni to help me with this. I haven’t thought as far as choosing the exact uni’s I want to apply to but the idea is just so exciting to me because it’s a new chapter in my life and despite really enjoying the one I’m living right now, what the future holds for me gives me feelings of anticipation. I’ve decided to spend this summer reading different classic novels to widen my literary knowledge.

I like thinking of the future but ‘future’ to me goes as far as uni. My dad always told me to to think too far ahead or else thinking turns into giving yourself stress because you realize you don’t know what the future is going to hold and we as humans fear the unknown. Which is why he tells me to look at the future one step at the time.

Till next time,

Nicole xo

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