Things that make me happy

It’s 9:30AM and I have finally conquered the beast called jet lag therefore my mood is bright and I’ve decided to write a more uplifting post today. See exactly 8 days ago was international day of happiness and it was 8 days ago since I found out I don’t handle disappointment very well. So instead I’ll be listing several things that I do or love that makes me happy as a late international day of happiness.

  • Reading. I mean life isn’t the most eventful at times so I like to indulge myself in the lives of fictional characters and live their lives through their perspectives. I’ve practically experience a million adventures through my imagination. I think people seem to misinterpret reading as a ‘school’ thing. Try giving it a chance whether you’re reading Brontë or just a book of old fairytales. It keeps your mind off your own life for a while.


  • A warm cup of tea. I absolutely love tea. Ask me a year ago and I would have preferred coffee (I was still lying to myself) but nothing feels better than a warm cup of tea. Whether its green tea or just classic yorkshire tea with milk, it always makes my days brighter. I drink a cup of tea almost everyday and it never fails to make me feel even a tiny bit better.


  • Puppies. A huge part of my recovery process was when my parents got our dogs Rylee and Bullet. They’re so cute and fluffy and innocent they just brightened up my day. Since I”m back home, I cuddle them at least once a day and they never fail to cheer me up.


  • Going to the Gym. Its the actual getting up and leaving the house part that’s hard but once I’m there, the endorphins kick in and I love it. I love running on the treadmill and planking because it makes me feel productive and when I leave, I end up feeling refreshed and great.


  • A set of neat notes for school. I’m someone who’s notes has to be perfect. The ones I do in class looks like a mess so I like to redo them and I like to make my notes look pretty because I’ve not only been productive but learnt. I get to look at my notes and feel proud of them. It’s the satisfaction I get from them.


  • Friends. Chatting with friends knowing that you’re not alone and is cared for is the best feeling in the world and especially after my depression, I’ve learnt to be more grateful for my friends because they’re the ones who will put up with you during both good and bad days.


  • Music. I absolutely love music and everything about it and sometimes I would since ‘Favorite Things’ from my favorite movie The Sound of Music because its so positive and I love it. I also have a positive playlist on spotify with happy, positive and empowering songs.


  • Playing the guitar/drums. I love taking my mind of things when I play the guitar and drums. I get so engrossed with what I’m playing and when I get the chords right or get the beat right, its so satisfying.


Anyway, these are just a couple of things that makes me happy. I hope you all have a wonderful week and that its filled with positivity.


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